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Dear Robbie:

From B.C., Saratoga Springs, NY

I am still on an emotional high and have not come down to earth yet. My husband says that he really missed me while I was gone, but I think he now wishes I were still in Ireland as I have not stopped talking since he picked us up!

This is just another thank-you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us all. There are so many wonderful memories that will come back to me when I feel down or stressed.

Anyway – you did a wonderful job in your first attempt and if you ever need a reference – there are 28 of us that will attest to your expertise!

From D.M., West Warwick, RI

Where to begin! I don’t know how to tell you that I’ve never had such an enjoyable vacation. There were so many MAGICAL MOMENTS (too many to list here.) Some of the more memorable ones I’ll try to mention, but I know I won’t get them all.

The Heritage Center at Cobh, with the added bonus of hearing the Men’s Welsh Chorus. The Farmgate with Liam and the rest of that wonderful musical group. Robbie’s impromptu singing at the Ormonde Castle. I don’t believe the sessoun at Kyteler’s could be duplicated. The Swiss Cottage, newgrange, the Galley Cruise, all of it was outstanding. And in addition to all of the above A RAINBOW. Another surprising part of the trip was that ALL OF THE MEALS WERE OUTSTANDING. A first for us in Ireland. We certainly got good value for our money.

I would love to do it again sometime. The size of the group was perfect. And what a compatible group. Many kudos to all of you. A job well done!!! Great hosts. Thanks so much for the photo.

From H.F., Maywood NJ

First, let me say a huge “thank you” to both of you (Alice and Jimmy, too) for the great vacation. You did your homework, and it showed! We were all so lucky to have come together for such a special vacation. I haven’t stopped raving about it to everyone who’ll listen to me. Your choice of sites was spectacular, as well as your choice of restaurants. I didn’t tell you at the time, but after the 2nd day out, I went on a diet – much too much food! Those breakfasts were sinful. Speaking of breakfast, the first one on arrival was a fine way to introduce us to the beautiful green countryside, as well as to one another. It started our adventure off on just the right foot.

You also deserve kudos for finding Joe Donohue… he was a delight, an excellent driver, lots of fun, and a true asset to the trip! Nobody can back down a country road as well as he can!

You were promised a copy of my “so-called” poem – it really didn’t take me very long to write, but the feelings were most sincere. My first trip to Ireland was memorable – I just might join you next year… particularly if the music is as wonderful as it was this time. You did a great job in every possible way – you helped us all bond and become a family. You have a gift for dealing with people, and you shone. All I can say is “many, many thanks!”

From C.B., Franklin, MA

Well it’s been nearly a month since our wonderful adventure in Ireland and I am still filled with a sense of euphoria everytime I reflect on the wonderful sights and sounds and smells of the magnificent Emerald Isle. Jennifer and I are so grateful to both of you, Alice, Jimmy, and Joe for making this trip a memory of a lifetime.

The history, the land, the people and the music all came together in a magical symphony. Each day we experienced something new and exciting. I didn’t think it could be better than the day before but somehow you made it happen. From our first breakfast at Carrygerry House to our farewell session, we were awed and “wowed” by breathtaking sights, the Cliffs of Moher, the Mitchelstown Cave, the waterfalls at Mahon and Powerscourt; history reaching back in time five thousand years, to the medieval castles, the famine, immigration and IRA; the culture and crafts – the basketweaver, the potters, Avoca; the step-dancers and the young musicians and traditional Irish music – and the food!!! How you accomplished this I will never know. To say “thank you” seems solittle compared with what you have given us.

We hope you know all the time and effort you put into this tour were greatly appreciated. Thank you!

From P.S., Saratoga Springs, NY

My favorite part of the trip was the Mitchelstown Cave. Thanks for your encouragement, you helped me realize I could participate more than I thought I could. Everything was grand and you and your staff the best. You should feel proud!

From P.S., Arlington, MA

You all extended yourselves beyond all measure to give us an unforgettable experience to cherish. So, thanks, thanks, Thanks! It’s hard to single out a high point – there were so many — so I won’t try. I hope you felt your efforts rewarded. Our final get-together showed how heartfelt was the group response to all of you who created this beautiful adventure!

From S.S., New York, NY

I am sitting here listening to “A Woman’s Heart 2” and rented “Into the West” for later tonight. So… guess what I’m thinking about. Thank you both for a wonderful, special experience that I will always remember. The country, the sightseeing, the music, the people – everything! I appreciate everything that went into it, and I’m so glad I was there to share your first trip with you. Thank you.